PAT Test Your Equipment Today

PAT Testing is not required by law however the health and safety in business recommends PAT Testing is undertaken on business equipment annually by a competent person. This may also be a requirement in business insurance. We ensure your equipment is testing and inspected to a very high standard making sure nothing is missed.

Each appliance takes around 1 minute each to test and inspect. Once the test is over the tester will provide you with a paper receipt of test and within 24 hours you will receive your certificate and detailed report digitally. You can request a hard copy of both at any time up to 30 days after the test.

Free plug replacement / repair

Our team replaces and repairs any plug that is not up to scratch completely free of charge.

Calibrated Machines Annually

All our machines are calibrated annually and are up to date with the latest firmware ensuring that every test is accurate.

Quick Turnaround

Certificates and detailed reports are delivered to you within 24 hours after the test. Depending on jobs that day our quickest delivery currently is 20 minutes after test.

Experianced Testers

All our testers keep up to date with regulations and undergo training and exams annually (This isn’t required however it’s our company policy).

Pricing Structure

Our minimum charge is £40 which covers up to the first 30 items.
It is then 60p per item up to 100 items. For more than 100 items it’s 50p per item.

If you are within the 10 mile radius from our office travel is not chargeable. Each mile after the 20 mile radius is charged at 15p per mile.

Apart from the test and travel cost there are NO HIDDEN COSTS and we do NOT charge VAT.
We are fully insured with £10m PLI.