Video Production

Our company specialise in TV & Film Production. Previously working for Sheffield Starks Basketball to film and provide content for Local TV we have extensive knowledge in this field. We have also worked closely with other TV companies in the past such as filming Ice Hockey on Live TV.

Our Video Production is very popular in Sheffield filming a wide range of events. Having contracts last up to 4 years with a lot of our clients. Covering Dance Shows, Sports, Corporate Events, Concerts and Festivals. Some events include Steelers Ice Hockey, Ice Sheffield Christmas Show, Sharks Basketball, Tramlines Festival and many more.

Technology is always changing and improving. We make sure our equipment is always up to scratch. Currently making use of JVC HD Camera’s, Black-magic Vision Mixing Kits, Apple MacBooks with Final Cut Pro X Editing Software and moving into Blue-Ray DVD Production our crew use some of the best kit in the industry. Our services are bespoke to your event, hence why we can not display costs for our services as every one is different.

We will look at your event and work with you to create the spec required to cover your event. That may range from 1 stand alone camera with or without editing to a full 4-8 camera production with vision mix, editing and production of DVD’s.

Additional services also include broadcasting to TV, Live Streaming on the Web, Projecting Live at your Event, Big LED TV Screens.

When you have the vision mixer or more than 1 camera we will use cables called SDI-HD to send the signal from the camera to the vision mixer, These are 30-100m long and can be used indoor or outdoor. Alternatively for additional cost we can add a wireless transmitter to our cameras and this will make them wireless meaning they can roam your stage / event without cables, good for crowd / stage cameras etc. Both cables and the wireless antennas send a Full HD 1080 signal to our vision mixer, meaning you get the full quality at all times.

Our team have had extensive training and some have been in the TV & Film industry for around 3-10 years however we do work closely with college and universities to provide work experience to students starting out and we do this because this is how our founders started the company through college. We find working with students also is a huge benefit, a lot of them now are very creative and have great skill and potential making them great camera operators for us to train further and work with for many years to come.

If you have an event coming up, please contact us to discuss your requirements.