Our company specialise in the TV and Broadcast Industry. Previously contracted with Sheffield Sharks Basketball to video and content for Sheffield Local TV, we have extensive knowledge in this field. We have also worked closely with national TV broadcasters in the past such as broadcasting the Steelers Ice Hockey on Sky Sports.

Our video production is very popular in Sheffield filming a wide range of events, promotional and education videos. In the past few years we have also filmed Dance Shows, Sports, Corporate Events, Concerts and Festivals.

A few of our events covered include Steelers Ice Hockey, City Knights Football Club, IceSheffield Christmas Show, Sharks Basketball, Tramlines Festival, Tribfest Music Festival and many more.

Technology is always changing and improving. We ensure our equipment is always up to scratch. Currently basking use of a wide range of equipment such as Sony, JV and Panasonic’s HD Studio and Sports Cameras. Black Magic Vision Mixing Kits, Apple MacBooks with Final Cut Pro X Editing Software. Our crew use some of the best kit in the industry

Our services are bespoke to your event. We will look at your event and work with you to create the spec required to cover your event. This may range from 1 stand alone camera with or without edit to a full 12 camera production with vision mixing, editing and production of DVD’s as well as displaying the output to a Big LED Screen. 

Additionally services also include broadcasting to TV, Live stream online, projecting live at your event either TV’s or Big LED Screens.

If you require our video services please contact our team to discuss your requirements.

Steelers Ice Hockey Championship – HD JVC Cameras Live Broadcast to Sky Sports from the Sheffield FlyDSA Arena. This was a Live Broadcast with our camera crew providing a close up and wide shot of the action from the ice.

Our Video Manager Alex at Tribfest vision mixing in our OB Truck. 6 Cameras on site, all recording to be edited for the After Movie as well as being vision mixed live along with band visuals. A master output is being sent to a Big LED Screen onsite for the crowd view.

A few stats

Since our business formed in 2014 here’s where we are at this moment in time.

Provide a 12 Camera Setup

We hold up to 600m of Cables

1 Drone & 3 Operators

9,500 Miles Travelled

Official Media Sponsor of
City Knights Football Club, Sheffield

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Our team posts videos on our channel when possible – to see our work head over to our channel. If you have any questions please get in touch with our team using the contact form on our homepage.

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