IceSheffield Christmas Show

IceSheffield Christmas Show

SIV, IceSheffield
December 2015

Our team filmed the 2015 Christmas show put on by SIV, IceSheffield. This is an annual show; showcasing the work of the skaters.

This was a multi-camera production that was vision mixed at the show which helped speed up time on post edit. The show was early december and our team managed to get the show DVD’s out to customers in time for Christmas.

Our setup consisted of the BlackMagic ATEM TV Studio, 5 JVC Cameras, Sound Recording, Camera Crane and over 300m of cables.

After the 3 night show our team edited this into a full version and distributed this to customers on DVD. We also dealt with the sales of the DVD’s and overall sold over 200 copies at this show.

Video at IceSheffield Christmas Show - December 2015